School Fundraising: Good Luck or Good Management?

School Fundraising: Good Luck or Good Practice?

There are many school fundraising success stories but invariably the success comes down to one of two factors:


Yes, luck plays a part and some of my big successes have been influenced by luck BUT a ‘Luck Based Strategy’ while being an easy option, is a risky option.

I cannot create the good luck but I can create the good practice that gives every school fundraising programme the best chance for ongoing success and sustainability.

There are good consultants advising schools on how their development & fundraising programmes should be managed.  But look closely at their real experience and expertise.  Have they worked with more than one school or have they actually directed a school development office and programme?  Is it just theory?

  • I find the major donors
  • I ask for the major gifts
  • I create development & school fundraising programmes that last, providing sustainable fundraising and longevity

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