Ways to get vast lean muscle a single 30 days

Web:realash telefonoYou could have to get ready yourself to invest considerable time grill with munching foodstuff. The initial 4 seasons I tutored, I had created reduced ends result even though I prepared intensely. I worked out experience everything vis-?-vis food, although when I commenced announcing about it afterward attaching to...

Round Table Success: 27 April, Meeting in London

My recent Round Table meeting in London attracted Heads, Deputy Heads, Governors, and both experienced and inexperienced Development Directors. The result was a lively and informative discussion of issues surrounding major gift fundraising in schools, in a relaxed and candid atmosphere and importantly, behind closed doors!  The real situations and role...

Encouraging Ambition

Working with schools in the UK including Northern Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands – some that have never embarked on development activities, some that have an established programme – are daring to be ambitious and responding to the challenge. Expanding into secondary education, raising the community expectations and aspirations for fundraising,...

All Sorts

During the past week I gave two workshops at the Catholic Independent Schools Conference in Oxford with both sessions very well attended.  The interest in Development & Fundraising is clearly now well up on the agenda for those schools that have previously not seen this as a priority. A visit...