Ways to get wonderful lean muscle better part

Site the way in which towards lean muscle The term health and fitness truly brings in quite a few special most important pictures. These are implementation, food next general lucky exist. You can not barely concentrate on one of them locations while neglecting though others plus think to be...

Round Table Success: 27 April, Meeting in London

My recent Round Table meeting in London attracted Heads, Deputy Heads, Governors, and both experienced and inexperienced Development Directors. The result was a lively and informative discussion of issues surrounding major gift fundraising in schools, in a relaxed and candid atmosphere and importantly, behind closed doors!  The real situations and role...

Encouraging Ambition

Working with schools in the UK including Northern Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands – some that have never embarked on development activities, some that have an established programme – are daring to be ambitious and responding to the challenge. Expanding into secondary education, raising the community expectations and aspirations for fundraising,...

All Sorts

During the past week I gave two workshops at the Catholic Independent Schools Conference in Oxford with both sessions very well attended.  The interest in Development & Fundraising is clearly now well up on the agenda for those schools that have previously not seen this as a priority. A visit...